This guy built a very cool ebike … #nosweatcommute

This guy built a very cool ebike … #nosweatcommute
We caught up with Rafe Husain, a California-based builder of the 30C3 e-bike.  Rafe’s goal was to build an ebike that was lighter and faster, with solid e-range, and capable of improving his commute. His design goals? 30LB, 30MPH, and a 30 mile range.

Tell us something surprising about e-biking and/or commuting by bike?

The discovery of exercise without sweat is like discovering cold fire. People nod their heads but no one believes it is possible. When I get to work my legs will ache for 4 hours…I am starving. I eat my lunch at 7:30am.  Yet after all this exercise, no sweat even in summer heat.

Do you ride non e-powered as well?

I ride hybrid mode. Bike has 60t front and 11t rear so pedalling always helps even at 30 mph.

Drivers give you a hard time?

I run as fast or faster. Run in middle of the lane. Several drivers have chased me down to ask what I am riding. I am generally 10-25% faster than cars in urban traffic.

Hardest part of commute?

Some times rain. I bought a rain suit from Walmart, it works well.

No problem cruising up Powell street towards Nob Hill, ~20% grade!


Need a shower when you get to work?

No. Since the bike has enough airflow never build up heat no matter how much I pedal. Exercise without sweat is an impossible concept that no one believes.

Advice for others thinking of bike commuting?

Ebike commuting works great, but 90% of ebikes are so heavy that the manufacturers hide their weight. Typically 50 to 70 lbs.

Anything else we should know?

A light fast ebike is simply a car replacement for 90% of trips.

Build Stats/Info

1. Light weight, still a road bike.

2. 60T front chain ring, 11t rear (allows for pedaling at max speeds)

3. 1000 watt 3 kg motor.

4. 52v10 520 watt hour battery

5. Alu frame, carbon fork

6. 700cx25


Nice work Rafe…we’ll look for the guy flyin’ by everyone on Nob Hill next time we’re in SF!


Click here to learn more about Rafe’s commuting hacks…




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