You think you’re fast on Zwift? 2017 Top Racers

You think you’re fast on Zwift?  2017 Top Racers



For 2017, Tim Cartwright (UK) was the top ranked cyclist on Zwift, according to Cycligent.


Cartwright impressed with 5634 points, besting next closest competitor Kim Little (UK, 5192) by over 8% in total points. Closing out the year, Cartwright raced in 13 events in December, winning 12 and taking second-place in his last race of the year (KISS Europe Race (26.1 mi / 42 km). For anyone following the leaderboard on Zwift, Cartwright is a well-know name, topping the current Lifetime Leaderboard as well.  Overall, UK riders dominated the the top 12, taking the top 4 spots for the year.

So what does it take to top the Zwift list for 2017?

Some serious wattage throw down.  Cartwright topped out at a race average 5.6 w/kg at the 11/13/17 WBR 1 Flat race, and an impressive 13.8 w/kg 15 second at the 12/14/17 KISS Men’s Crit.

And the ones to watch in 2018? Tom Grimshaw and Soren Bay  made big gains in Q4 2017, finishing second and third respectively for the quarter.  Look for strong performances in coming weeks from these riders as well.

2017 Top 12 Zwift Rider Rankings

Tim Cartwright (UK)  5634

Kim Little  (UK)           5192

Adam Webb   (UK)     4028

Tom Grimshaw (UK)   3831

Justin Wagz  (USA)     3740

C Schumm  (USA)        3740

Piotr Ciurzynski  (Poland)  3590

Matt Johnson (USA)    3521

Phililpp Diegner (Germany)   3506

Jeffrey Kriel (Australia)       3453

HG (Germany)                       3433

Lars-Martin Hejll (Norway)   3367

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